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Shut Up (FishFillets)15.4.2018

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Shut Up
Shut up...
Your words are causing air pollution,
Your happiness is illusion,
Cause you're possessed by your aggravation,
Selfishness and disillusion.
Please forgive me my confusion,
But I can't seem to find solution
To your uncounscious addiction
To surrounding absolution...
Do you really believe, Christian,
That man known for ressurection
Will save you from your damnation
And reward you with salvation
On the day of termination,
If you show appreciation
To members of association
Causing crowd manipulation,
In weekly fashion competitions,
Where people look the same direction
And nod along in comprehension
Of foreign imagination
And then try to buy salvation
With the size of their donation,
So that some wealthy abortions
In white robes and in slow motion
Can enjoy death by suffacation
By all that toxic inhalation
Of all that shiny gold possesion,
While kids are dying from starvation
In all those less-developed nations?...
Do you really believe, Christian?...



Alia S.17.4.2018

Warum schreibst du Englisch? Nicht jeder versteht und will mit dem Wörterbuch übersetzen. Nicht wahr?

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